Craft Fairs and Christmas Markets

It’s September, and we’re nearing Christmas market season. The markets usually start in November, with new ones every weekend until right before Christmas itself. Craft fairs and markets can be quite intimidating for new crafters and sellers, but they require certain skills the same as selling online does.

Some things to focus on learning are salesmanship, product display and adaptability. All of these can be trained. Some people have natural talents for one or more, while others need to work at them. The author of this post definitely needs some work on all of the above! 🙂

In the time leading up to November we will be writing posts on how to ace the Christmas markets, but in the meantime I want to hear from you. Post in the comments, or send Victoria a convo on Etsy. Let us know how you cope with fairs and what your best tips are, and you may be featured in a future post!

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