Winter is Coming

It is September, quite firmly by now, and we have officially entered autumn in most of the UK. Perhaps some parts of the country have been there for a while already. But with this calendar based changing of the seasons looms that other season we’re all equally dreading and looking forward to – Christmas!

Etsy have very helpfully set up their annual Christmas Boot Camp, which is an email series which will help you get your shop in ship shape for the midwinter festival we all know.
You can sign up here:

In addition to the official Etsy Boot Camp, our team is, of course, always happy to help out. If you have any questions about the run-up or how to get yourself ready, or even what to expect, then just ask and someone will be able to help.

What are you most looking forward to, or least happy about, with the coming season? Tell us in the comments.

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