CIJ Featured Shop: Ffigys Designs

Shirley from Ffigys Designs started crafting when she was just 4 years old, and has since tried almost every craft there is! A gift of tools and materials in 2011 opened up the world of jewellery-making to Shirley. She enjoyed beading so much that soon she had mountains of jewellery and so decided, in 2013, to open her Etsy shop.

Shirley loves to design and make colourful classic-style jewellery, but is also interested in making other non-jewellery items too, so her shop also contains beaded bookmarks and snowflake decorations, which keyrings and bag charms being added to her product range soon.

A poem from Shirley about her shop…

I love colour and beads and pretty things,
Bracelets, necklaces and earrings,
In classic styles that never look dated,
Simple jewellery that’s understated.

I play with colour and beads and strings,
Designing jewellery and gifty things,
Then with my tools and designs I start
To add that magic: jewellers’ art.

I use my tools and beads and rings
To create and craft such pretty things,
Colourful jewellery to make you smile,
Simple elegance, classic-style.

Original, unique, one of a kind,
Jewellery like this you will only find
In the land of myths and legends and tales
At Ffigys Designs in Cardiff, Wales.

Ffigys Designs

Visit and get 15% off on purchases over £5 with the code ‘ETSYCIJ15’.

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