CIJ Featured Shop: LifeCovers

Tweed, Tweed and more Tweed!

Sally creates all of her wares with original Harris Tweed, she fell in love with the material while visiting the Outer Hebrides in Scotland where the tweed is made from start to finish. This is the only fabric in the world that is still traditionally handwoven and yet sold in commercial quantities. When driving through the islands, just open up your window and if you hear a clunking noise coming from a shed, you’ll probably find a weaver producing this amazing fabric.Sally feels that it is a privilege to be able to buy and work with this incredible fabric – a real piece of Scottish history.

In 2009, Sally decided to retire from the Corporate world and rekindle her interest in sewing by buying a new sewing machine and now Life Covers has become her full-time passion! Although she doesn’t feel like this is a ‘job’ in the traditional sense of the word. She’s ‘met’ people from all around the world and introduced them to the magic of Harris Tweed.

If you take a gander in Sally’s shop, you can see photos of the islands that form the Outer Hebrides and you will begin to understand how special these islands and their people are.


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