CIJ Featured Shop: Kitty Kanzashi

Kitty Kanzashi’s shop is truly adorable – she makes floral accessories using the Tsumami technique. This is a Japanese style of folding squares of fabric into petals which are then used to make flowers.

From Kitty’s ‘About Me’ page…

My love for tsumami kanzashi making came about when I just started to collect kimono. There I was browsing the kimono forums when BANG I saw my first kanzashi. I thought they were the most beautiful things in the world and something in my mind just told me to make them.

So I began to research and experiment with this tsumami technique during any spare time I had. Practicing the folds to make the petals, trying out glues to find the best ones for the type of work I wanted to do and generally playing around.

During my kanzashi playtime period as I like to call it, I would occasionally make a few whenever there is a small Japan fair occurring or if one of my friends wanted one. Nothing serious and all a lot of fun however in 2010 things all changed.

When 2010 came I found myself out of work and on the verge of moving to another city. I could not just sit at home and wait for things to happen so I told myself, why not open an etsy shop and fill it with your creations? So that is what I did and Kitty Kanzashi was born!

I began making small little hair clips using quilting fabric that my friend said she no longer needed but I instantly saw the potential. As my confidence grew with my tsumami skills, I was soon making more intricate pieces as I was getting married and thus my bridal collection was born.

Now I have settled in Belfast in Northern Ireland where I am trying to enjoy what life has to offer. Working for a charity during the day and then at nights working on Kitty Kanzashi store with only my husband for moral support (with the occasional slice of cake).

My aim is to take an ancient and dying crafting technique and using it to create pieces of modern wearable art. My inspirations from the past (kimono patterns), right to the modern times especially from the Japanese lolita fashion.

Kitty Kanzashi

You can get your hands on these gorgeous flowers at and as an added bonus, you can get 10% off purchases over £5 with the code ‘ETSYCIJ15’.

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