UK captain’s Summit, Bristol – Introduction

As some of you may know I attended the Etsy UK Captain’s Summit in Bristol a couple of weeks ago.  I returned with lots of ideas, new info and excitement about putting this all into practice with the team.  It’s been a challenge to work out how to put together all of fabulous photos, tips and notes.  So rather than a data burst I thought I would split it into 8 smaller posts.  I can chat for Britain so this would be the kinder thing to do.

Post 1 is the introduction to the weekend and to what a team really is.

Team members

What is a team?

Susannah from Etsy Admin asked the team Captains to make a slide to illustrate what their team is about.  I started a thread in the team forum asking members to post about what being in a team means to them.  They were also asked to send a photo of themselves.  The following members took part and helped me tell the story about Craft Britannia:

Victoria from VictoriaxSol
Claire from AislingDezines
Jilly from Charmalushus
Emma from DesignsAllNeedles
Agent 6 from SixSkeins
madmum from madmumknits
Sequinned from thesequinnedsheep
Alex from WillowsRoom
Zoe from Cogzspot
Jenny from Mythillogical
& myself from DayzeeLoveDesigns

The result is a comic strip of why we love our team so much. Everyone featured was pleased with the outcome and the compliments it got at the Summit were great.

Team members comments on Craft Britannia

We love this team!

Thank you to everyone that took part and made it possible to share this with the other Captains and Etsy Admin that were present at the Summit.  There were 4 other fabulous team slides as part of Susannah’s introduction to the weekend.

Pretty Midlands

Pretty Midlands

Glasgow Etsy Team

Glasgow Etsy Team

Portsmouth & Southsea Consortium

Portsmouth & Southsea Consortium

Brighton Sellers' Team

Brighton Sellers’ Team

It was great to see what being in a team meant for the all the teams.  Look out in the team forum for more opportunities to share what we are all about.  Does anyone want a copy of the team slide to share on their social media?

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