Spring, Sun, Flowers and a bunch of Links!

Spring is upon us. Well, in some parts of the country, anyway! As the light returns and daffodils bloom, we’re happy to see our team flowering as well.

Granted, as a team, we missed the standard “Yay, New Years! Let’s do stuff!”, but we’re taking things at a steady pace and we’re really getting going now.

The leaders have divided things between us and the promotional side is only getting better. Are you following all our social media accounts?

We have a Pinterest board:

We have a Twitter account:

We, of course, have a Facebook:

Within the team forum, we also have other ways of promoting ourselves and the team. We have threads for Craftjuice, for Bloglovin and who could forget our gorgeous finds on the Team Page on Etsy?

So that’s a bit of a link dump for you. We’d be very grateful if you help us spread the word about all these things with the world. That way you promote yourself as well as your team members! And who wouldn’t want to do that?!

And remember, if you share nothing else, make sure you do tell people about craftbritannia.com! It’s our hub away from the team forum and contains links to everything else.

Soon, we shall take over the world! 🙂

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