Craft Britannia Blog Relaunch

Hello and welcome to our Blog Relaunch, complete with new contributors and new ideas! We are brainstorming as we speak, and will make this blog a gathering point both for members of the team and anyone else who likes arts, crafts and handmade (and vintage!) items.

Coming soon will be introduction posts of the main contributors and a general introduction of the team. But first, I have a question for you all! And this is a very important question, one that could define the very future of this site, one where you, yes you!, have power to influence us, your humble bloggers.

What would you like to see us write about?

See, we have all kinds of ideas, but when it comes to it we’re writing for you. And if our ideas are completely off piste to what you’d like to read about, that’s not much good, really.

So please comment, help us brainstorm, give us ideas, start a conversation. We’re listening! 🙂

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