Craft Britannia Shop of The Week #62, Endenisia

Denise of Endenisia, our latest CraftBritannia Shop of the Week , creates custom and ready to wear costumes and accessories for dancers and performers. She tells us more in this week’s interview…

Describe your “typical” working day or week

After the usual boiled egg/bacon sandwich I’ll obsessively check Etsy, blog stats and my e-mails. Then I get to work on whichever project I’m most excited about. I’ll usually try to schedule times to work on custom orders (even if I tend to overrun a little…). I’m usually so engrossed in my work that I’ll forget to make lunch until my stomach starts growling.

Custom Belly Dance Costume by Endenisia

When you are not doing Etsy related things, what are you doing?

I really enjoy dancing – I do belly dance and Bollywood classes every week and perform at shows around Wales throughout the year. It’s a really great way to be social, active and get suggestions from other dancers on what sort of items they’d like to see from Endenisia. When I’m not crafting or dancing, I’m usually playing board games with my table top board game group.

What was the first piece you ever sold?

I made a hand-beaded necklace with ceramic Chinese patterned beads when I was a teenager, which I sold on eBay. It wasn’t until quite a few years later that I started putting more of my time into design and crafts specifically for selling.

What advice would you give someone taking up your craft for the first time?

Inspiration comes and goes. Don’t be put off if you have a day or week where your muse doesn’t show up – it will come to you. Just relax and switch projects, or do something else you enjoy.

Hair Falls by Endenisia

What material do you most enjoy working with?

I’ve heard lots of people saying beading is laborious, but I love it! I find it oddly relaxing! I also really like working with different combinations of fabrics & materials to create layered textures and depth.

If you could try a new craft, what would it be?

I’m always trying out new crafts and always interested in learning something new – there’s just not enough time in the day to do it all! I’d love to put time in to pottery, jewellery making, and painting at some point.

Which piece of equipment would you be helpless without?

Probably a little clichéd to say, but a hand sewing needle and my sewing machine are quite vital to my work!

Strawberry Rockabilly Gypsy Skirt by Endenisia

Tell us about what inspires and motivates you

Beautiful fabrics give me a lot of inspiration – I find myself pulling out all my fabrics and arranging then on the floor to see what ideas I get. Dancing (my own and others) also inspires me to design, as the music and emotions seem to trigger creativity. 
I’m also motivated by the desire to create really high quality costumes and accessories that people can feel confident and beautiful in (excuse my stealth marketing here…!)

Tell us about one handmade item that you own and love

My gran embroidered a “tree of life” picture, with all sorts of animals sitting on the branches, that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. It’s hanging in my work room at the moment!

What plans do you have for your shop in the future?
I’d like to try to expand into oriental dance costumes, as well as starting to make some items which will appeal to a wider audience while keeping my style. I take my store to a few shows & craft fairs each year at the moment, but would love to start vending at more.

Thank you Denise for a lovely interview! Your creations are beautiful.

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Denise was talking to Nadine of imyinda and MuntjacVintage. Article published by Erika of ErikaPrice and Blucha jewellery

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