The Jubilee Weekend BNR Opening 6pm Friday 1st June

BNR Invite

Bring cakes.

You are invited to the Jubilee Weekend BNR Launch Friday 1st June 2012 at 6pm.  The BNR can be found here.

Please pop along and don’t forget to bring cakes and your favourite beverage.  Brings friends too, the more the merrier.  There will be a fabulous selection of items in the BNR to purchase but even if you’re not in the shopping mood just drop by for a chat and a chance to catch up with team members.

The BNR opening times are as follows:

Friday 1st June – 6pm – 12am GMT
Saturday 2nd June – 8am – 12am GMT
Sunday 3rd June – 8am – 12am GMT

Here is a preview of how the BNR will look when it opens at 6pm:

If you’re not sure what a BNR is you can find rules and etiquette hints here on the Craft Britannia Weekend BNR page and a detailed explanation on onetenzeroseven’s blog.

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