Craft Britannia Shop of The Week #4, TWINKKNITS

Let’s hear it for our latest CraftBritannia Shop of the Week TWINKKNITS! Nicola is a CraftBritannia Leader, and her knitted creations are in demand by the likes of Jamie Oliver and the creator of Button Moon!

Donut pin cushion by TWINKKNITS

Donut pin cushion by TWINKKNITS

Describe your “typical” working day or week

When I get up the first thing I do is put the PC on, make a coffee, feed the cats and sort my 8 year old daughter out for school. When the school run is done I come home, look at emails and Etsy, then tidy up in the kitchen. When this is done I sit with a coffee and some knitting. Before I know it, it’s lunch time – which I usually spend at the PC – then more knitting time whie going back and forth to the PC catching up with things. Then it’s back to school again, before I spend time with my daughter and decide what we’re having for tea. I spend more time with my daughter then, when she’s gone to bed, its more knitting time. Weekends are spent going out for lunch and time as a family.

When you are not doing Etsy related things, what are you doing?

Working on my website, and thinking of new ideas.

What was the first piece you ever sold?

The first thing I ever sold on Etsy was a knitting pattern for a scarf (pictured below).

Knitting Pattern

Nicola's first sale was this scarf knitting pattern

Which piece of equipment would you be helpless without?

My hands and my bamboo knitting needles.

What plans do you have for your shop in the future?

Lots of new things to come and more crochet in my shop too.

Crochet Mug Cosy by TWINKKNITS

Crochet Mug Cosy by TWINKKNITS

Thank you Nicola, we look forward to seeing your new work too!

Follow Nicola’s tweets at @TWINKKNITS. For more of her work take a look at her other ‘food-only’ shop,

Nicola was talking to Nadine of imyinda
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